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Watch Steelers Stephon Tuitt's hit on Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles

Tuitt, the rookie second-round draft pick, had his first Man Play of his career. He delivered a big shot on the Chiefs' running back, causing a fumble and giving the Steelers the extra possession they needed to hold off Kansas City and clinch a playoff spot.

Don't worry about whether the knee of Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles was down or not (this is a bad angle for that anyway). The important piece of this is twofold for Steelers rookie defensive end Stephon Tuitt:

1. Look how far down the field Tuitt is. He's coming from the back side of the play and he's hustling the whole way. Good things come to those who hustle. Good things like 200-pound running backs who stop to cut back, putting themselves square in your crosshairs.

2. The sheer force of this hit causes the fumble. Tuitt didn't rip the ball out of the hand of a prone player. Tuitt smacked him and got his hand off the ball - not the same as taking the ball out of his hand.

Tuitt became a Steeler today. Not that there were concerns for such things this year but, much like Le'Veon Bell with his helmet-breaking run against Baltimore last year, Tuitt became a player today. He will start for this team moving forward and he's going to become an excellent player in this league.

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