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5 Burning Questions on the Steelers Christmas Edition

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Who gets your vote for Steelers MVP? Which unit dominated more vs. the Chiefs, the linebackers or the defensive line? If you were Dan Rooney, what would you ask Santa Claus for? Answer these and other Burning Questions on the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Antwon Blake does his part to keep Kansas City out of the end zone
Antwon Blake does his part to keep Kansas City out of the end zone
Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Week 17 of the NFL season as arrived as the Steelers beat the Chiefs with the defense leading the way. The Cincinnati Bengals come to Heinz Field with the AFC North Crown at stake. But before the division title can be decided, Steelers Nation must first wrestle with these 5 Burning Questions.

1. Everyone agrees that the Steelers defense played exceptionally well vs. the Chiefs. In your view, which unit had a more dominant impact, the defensive line or the linebackers?

2. The Steelers are set to announce their team MVP for 2014. Ben Roethlisberger has already named Heath Miller as his Steelers MVP vote. Who is yours and why?

3. While we're on the subject of MVP's, our own Jeff Hartman has made the case for Todd Haley as the NFL's top assistant. Which Steelers coach gets your vote for coaching MVP? Defend your choice.

4. During the off season, our own Ivan Cole analyzed the competitive state of the AFC North, and observed Cincinnati's tendency to reach December-January football only to get "pimp slapped." Since the Steelers doubled the score on the Bengals two weeks ago, Cincinnati has been on a tear, first dealing Johnny Football and his Cleveland Browns a devastating defeat, and then upsetting Peyton Manning and the Broncos at home.

Are you concerned that the Steelers dramatic victory at Paul Brown Stadium has awakened a sleeping tiger?

5."Dear Santa Claus, This year for Christmas I would like you to bring the Steelers_____...." Complete the sentence. Confine your answer to something that's at least within the realm of possibility and can be "delivered" in time for the playoffs (no time machines to bring back Rod Woodson, no pixy dust generated extra salary cap space etc....)

There you are folks. Remember, if you don't want a lump of Pennsylvania coal in your stockings, you must show your work to get full credit. All answers must be your own, but by all means look at your neighbor's paper.

And treat all disagreements with the appropriate Steelers Playoff Christmas Cheer!