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2015 NFL Pro Bowl snubs: Which Steelers were left off the list

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The list seems about right - the right five players were selected. We're going to make arguments for some others anyway.

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You won't read many columns agreeing with the team's recent Pro Bowl selections. But they may have gotten this one right.

We pined for Lawrence Timmons' inclusion. It was plainly obvious the Steelers' Big Three, Ben Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown and Le'Veon Bell should have been selected. It seems right to have a member of the Steelers' offensive line in the game, and while we may not necessarily feel Pouncey is the best option for that, it's not a bad option either.

We'll make an argument anyway.

Which Steelers should have made the 2015 NFL Pro Bowl?

OG David DeCastro - While some added strength this offseason will improve his game all-around and put him in a great spot to make the 2016 squad, DeCastro's precision in run-blocking (pulling and trapping) makes him a valuable player. He's still a young player, that's the best part of him right now. Expect a few appearances in this game from DeCastro in the future.

DE Cameron Heyward - A disruptive and borderline abusive interior pass rusher, Heyward is a big part of the reason the Steelers' run defense has surged to the sixth-best rushing yards allowed in the NFL. Watch his performance against Kansas City if you want examples. Heyward has put it all together over the second half of the season, and will be among the best defensive players in the game very soon.

OLB James Harrison - On a per-snap basis, Harrison ranks with the top outside linebackers in terms of pass rush and run defense. He didn't play until Week 4 and he missed Weeks 14 and 15, and in just 10 games he has one less sack (5.5) than Jason Worilds and Heyward, who have both played around two and a half times as many snaps as Harrison has.

K Shaun Suisham - He's a muffed snap away from being perfect between 20-49 yards, including an impressive 10-for-10 from 40-49 yards. He's even got a 51-yarder this year. Suisham's consistency, especially in the rough kicking environment of Heinz Field, should be recognized.