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Friday night 5 questions and open thread

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With special guest Cincy Jungle.

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Back in the day, when a plucky, mediocre editor took over the reins of Behind The Steel Curtain, a kind-hearted lad opened his encyclopedia of SB Nation and publishing knowledge and gave me his playbook on site dominance.

For that, Josh Kirkendall, I thank you.

Not only do Josh and I share past neighborhood boundaries of living, we each largely hate one another's respective teams. Well, maybe not "hate," but certainly each of us actively roots for frequent losing by the other's team. Nevertheless, we're teaming up (kind of) for a Friday Night open thread in an idea Josh himself freely admits was more of a joke than anything else.

The five questions will be loosely based on our general hatred of each other and our respective teams. You can answer them as if you're either one of us.

1. Do Bengals fans really feel they would have won that playoff game if Carson Palmer hadn't gotten hurt?

2. Does that Icky Woods commercial bring back nostalgic memories or make you feel badly for him, as if he's broke and needs to capitalize on his dance moves one more time?

3. Are Steelers fans aware of the fact Pittsburgh is barely over .500 since Coolong took over as editor? Are you cool with that?

4. The Bengals gave up one more point in their last three games than the Steelers allowed last week to the Saints. The Bengals held the Saints to 10 points on the road. How do you feel about that?

5. Make your argument for the winner and loser of this game.

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