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Falcons lose WR Julio Jones to hip injury despite career performance against Packers

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Jones was tackled after making his 11th catch of the night in a losing effort against Green Bay. His status for Week 15 isn't currently known, but after 21 catches and 458 yards in his last two games, the Steelers can't feel confident about seeing him out there.

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

If the Steelers are still a bit red from the deep burn put on them by Bengals' wide receiver A.J. Green, the prospects of facing Julio Jones in their Week 15 tilt against the Falcons can't be highly anticipated.

This situation may change, though. Jones suffered a hip injury late in the Falcons' 43-37 loss to the Green Bay Packers on Monday night and the receiver taken just two spots after Green in the 2011 NFL Draft was unable to finish his monster performance at Lambeau Field. All told, Jones racked up a career-high 259 yards on 11 catches, almost single-handedly pulling the Falcons back into a game the team had no business winning.

Green Bay picked up its fifth consecutive win and appears all but unbeatable, unless you factor in matchups like the one they had with Jones. He scored from 22 yards out and hauled in a 79-yard pass from quarterback Matt Ryan as well.

His injury came after a red-zone reception late in the game, and despite his efforts on the sidelines to work the hip, the Falcons held him out the rest of the way.

Jones has 458 receiving yards on 21 catches in his last two games. Judging by the 11-grab, 224-yard and one-TD performance Green just put up, the Steelers' secondary should hope the injury is only severe enough to limit him to one game missed.

The Steelers travel to Atlanta to take on the Falcons in Week 15.