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NFL Power Rankings Week 15: Steelers climb to 12th after win over Bengals

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The Steelers will play their third consecutive game against a division leader at kickoff when they take on the Falcons Sunday. They'll do it as the league's 12th-ranked team, according to SB Nation.

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The Steelers may be tied with Baltimore for second place behind Cincinnati in the AFC North, but the Ravens are the top team in the division, according to SB Nation's weekly Power Rankings.

The Steelers defeated the Cincinnati Bengals 42-21 Sunday, giving them three divisional wins to two losses, and an 8-5 record overall. That's good enough for 12th place in the NFL, according to SBN's Danny Kelly. The Ravens, with an 8-5 overall record but a 2-3 record in the AFC North, are 10th. Cincinnati, with an 8-4-1 record, leads the division and have the 13th overall spot.

It has been that kind of year.

He also rates all three teams as "second tier," which seems fair.

You can make arguments for shuffling the Cardinals, Cowboys, Lions, Ravens, Chargers, Steelers, and Bengals (and I'm sure you will), but each club has distinct strengths and weaknesses that put them in this group.

One of those weaknesses for the Steelers is their inability to beat the "bottom of the pile guys." The Jets (31st) and the Buccaneers (27th) each have defeated the Steelers this season.

Pittsburgh will take on the NFC South-leading (tied with Carolina) Atlanta Falcons on Sunday in Week 15.