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Watch Willie Parker go 75 yards again, it never gets old

One of the most beautifully executed plays in Steelers history, Willie Parker goes 75 yards nearly untouched, as huge blocks from Alan Faneca, Max Starks, Jeff Hartings, Kendall Simmons, Heath Miller and Hines Ward spring him free.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

It's difficult moving on from Steelers guard Alan Faneca. They really haven't, either. The Steelers still employ these kinds of running concepts, but few can bury linebackers to this extent.

Then there's underappreciated Kendall Simmons. He fires off the snap in this play,and moves the tackle inside, well out of a position to do anything to the ball carrier. Right tackle Max Starks doesn't need to stick on the lineman, and climbs to the second level to neutralize the linebacker.

An excellent job blocking off the right side by the rookie Heath Miller. Hines Ward blocks the corner aggressively, locking him out of the play entirely.

Oh yeah, and Willie Parker is fast, too. Not that a high level of speed was needed. Watch safety Michael Boulware completely misread the play in the hole. This wasn't a zone run, but the same kind of vision is used for zone running backs. Boulware went wide, thinking the play was coming there, and Parker cut right off the pile Faneca created.

Simply put, it's rare when you see nine 1-on-1 wins like this, but the Steelers executed this play perfectly. It's beautiful to watch.

Parker worked with Le'Veon Bell during training camp last season. While Bell probably can't outrun defensive backs the way Parker did on this play and others, perhaps his experience can rub off on the second-year back again in 2014.