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Steelers shirts for sale at BTSC store

Check out the new shirt selections in our store.

See this image as well as others in BTSC's store.
See this image as well as others in BTSC's store.
Behind The Steel Curtain

We figured, we have the tools and the resources, so why not?

Through SB Nation and the fine folks at Game Day Depot, Behind The Steel Curtain has come up with a few designs for t-shirts, which are now for sale in our "store."

You can see the designs and make a purchase by clicking here. The link to the store is on the top of BTSC's home page, labeled "Store" just above the cover photos.

The first design, which has been active previously, is the site's logo (view site logo design here)

The first of the two new ones involves a certain saying hollered by Steelers fans when a certain tight end (or any white tight end, as we've discovered) catches a pass.

And finally, there's Le'Backfield.

Both designs come in black and white.

We've got a few others we're working on now and intend to have them released in time for The Renegade (oh yes, that's coming in approximately 30 days). For now, buy a shirt, spread the awesomeness of the Steelers and let BTSC ride off its coattails.