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2014 Steelers season scenarios: LeGarrette Blount scores 10 touchdowns

The development of the team's offensive line and running backs groups is an exciting aspect of the team's preparation for this year. However, with new coaches guiding both units, it could be a reason for a slow start to the year.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Scenario: Steelers running back LeGarrette Blount will score 10 touchdowns in the 2014 season.

Why it will happen: Continuity and consistency will be two goals of the Steelers' ground game in 2014. Both of their running backs, Blount and Le'Veon Bell, are skilled outside zone running backs. When it comes to power, though, Blount is the better option.

With a healthy Heath Miller back on the field right away in Week 1, he will become a primary passing target, giving the Steelers the flexibility of running two tight end sets while still being able to throw. They will want to run out of that, though, particularly considering H-back Will Johnson's versatility. That can move defenses around and confuse them, leading the Steelers to be able to utilize their strength; the outside zone.

Blount runs these plays well, as evidenced by his time in New England. This will be a focal point of their red zone offense, and in it, he'll be able to reach the 10 touchdown plateau.

Why it won't happen: The relative lack of familiarity with Blount as well as the running concepts the team is installing this offseason will lead to a slow start on the year. The continuity they will need isn't something readily implemented, and will be a challenge of a new offensive line coach and a new running backs coach working with a coordinator neither has worked with previously.

These are necessary evils, things they cannot avoid. That slow start may hinder the red zone offense enough to see Blount fall short of the decade mark.

Bell is a very capable running back, and while he has work to do on improving his rushing between the tackles, they may use him in stretch runs at or around the goal line.

Keys: It will come down to how the team wants to utilize Le'Backfield. Most assumed Blount signed in Pittsburgh to be more of a complimentary back to Bell, but Blount is talented enough to earn a half-share on carries this season. The Steelers may want to give the ball more to Bell anyway.

There's always injury concerns as well. This could swing it either way; Bell missed the first three games of last season and much of training camp with a foot injury.