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Sunshine fits Steelers S Mike Mitchell better

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The Steelers' primary free agency acquisition hasn't been impressed with the weather in Pittsburgh so far, but is excited to add to the legacy of Steelers defenders.

Jared Wickerham

Perhaps the weather is a bit better in Charlotte than it is in Pittsburgh.

Ex-Panthers safety Mike MItchell signed with the Steelers this offseason after a season in Carolina. The weather was probably equally as good in the Bay Area, where he played for the Oakland Raiders for four years prior to that.

He spoke with writer Mike Prisuita recently in the team's "Getting to Know" series, and the weather left an immediate impression on the sixth-year player.

"It’s grey a lot. I don’t know if I’m going to get sad and depressed out here. Besides that the organization has been outstanding."

Grey isn't depressing in November at all if the team rolls off an undefeated November, Mike, just sayin'.

He's a Cincinnati area product, having prepped at Covington Catholic High School and Fort Thomas High School in Fort Thomas, Ky., so gray weather shouldn't be a new experience, even if it might be an unpleasant one at times.

Besides, Mitchell signed the contract, he knew what he was getting into; perhaps it was just a particularly gray day.

The fall is beautiful, Mike, and this one will be even brighter than the 0-4 beginning to fall Steelers fans saw in 2013.

We kid (although it would be hard for the Steelers to have a more gray fall than 2013). Mitchell is aware of the defensive legacy in Pittsburgh and for a team that's had, by and large, solid if not outstanding free safety play over the last decade, he's got some big shoes to fill.