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Saturday night 5 questions and open thread

In what looks to be the least populated the site has been in several months, we'll try to salvage the evening with some Q&A.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

As usual, bring your own beverages, please refrain from discussing anything involving Foreigner and if you haven't yet donated, now's the perfect time to throw a few bucks our way.

1. It's currently flash-flooding where I am, leading me to think of the likelihood of my basement taking on water again, as well as the concept of football being played in the elements. Comparing the two, why is football played in all weather and baseball is not?

2. Which is the superior stadium food, nachos or hot dogs?

3. The Defensive Player of the Year in 2014 will be on the Pittsburgh Steelers. Who is it?

4. Which would you pay money to have been a part of if you could have been a part of just one, rushing the field after the Immaculate Reception,  giving Bill Mazeroski a high five after his home run or dumping Gatorade on Bill Cowher after he won his Super Bowl?

5. Jarvis Jones over/under sacks in 2014: 8. Which are you taking and why?