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Fox Sports ranks Steelers as NFL's most likeable franchise

In a power rankings article, we get a rundown of which teams, according to the cover32 staff, would would draw people who had no allegiance among the NFL's franchises.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The list covers all 32 NFL franchises and ranks them based on their likeability from neutral parties.  While no list of metrics was provided, you sort of get the reasoning for liking each franchise as you read throughout the list.

The idea of making the list came from the staff's pondering which team/franchise would international viewers find most appealing. American soccer fans have their favorite premier league teams in the European leagues, so it makes sense to want to figure out which teams would have the biggest draw from other countries.

Not surprising to loyal members of Steelers' Nation, the Pittsburgh Steelers were ranked as the most likeable franchise in the league. What was their criteria?  Pretty much the bare-bone generic reasons Steelers' fans brag about being Steelers fans:

"They win consistently, which is nice. But they don't take shortcuts to success, as the Steelers don't buy their championship rosters. There's something honorable about rooting for a team that is loyal and has work ethic."

So put another notch on your Steelers' belt for a hypothetical blog debate win; but also look at how the rest of the AFC north panned out.

The Cleveland Browns ranked high on the list as the league's fourth most likeable team, sitting behind the Green Bay Packers at #2 and the Buffalo Bills at #4.  Both the Bills and the Browns have the sort of loveable loser luster that would seem to draw a fan looking for a team to watch make a turnaround.

The Cincinnati Bengals came in the middle of the pack at #16 right behind the Chicago Bears.  Basically for being a mediocre team that has shown slight chances of hope with their recent playoff appearances.

The Baltimore Ravens came in towards the bottom of the list at #27 right above the San Francisco 49ers.  Why do the Ravens rank so low? "Ray Lewis and Ray Rice make Jay Cutler and Philip Rivers look cuddly." Zing!

So who came in dead last you might ask?

Was it the Philadelphia Eagles for their fan-bases poor reputation? Close, but they came in at #30.

Was it the Washington Redskins for their recent issues with their team name and the current movement to replace it? Getting warmer, they came in at #31.

Yep, you guessed it. The New England Patriots were ranked as the NFL's least likeable franchise.

"Bill Belichick is a cheater that still thinks he's smarter than everyone else, which makes the coach imminently distasteful. And quarterback Tom Brady is about as relatable as William and Kate across the pond."

Sounds like the cover32 staff might get along with BTSC readers.