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Examining what it would take for the Steelers to land disgruntled WR Andre Johnson

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The Pittsburgh Steelers aren't ones to be overly active in the free agent market, as well as getting big named players via trades, but what would it take for the Steelers to land disgruntled wide out Andre Johnson?

Thomas B. Shea

Andre Johnson isn't happy. He has already been fined $1 million dollars by the Houston Texans for missing mandatory minicamp, and talks from his camp is that he isn't going to show to training camp either. When a player of his caliber isn't happy, something has to give.

Early reports are that there are four NFL organizations that are willing to talk with the Texans about a potential blockbuster trade that would send the All Pro receiver to new pastures.

Could one of those four teams be the Pittsburgh Steelers? Lets talk this out.

The Steelers do have salary cap space that they could certainly use on signing a player like Johnson, but this deal would have to be much sweeter than just cash. The Steelers would have to send talent to Houston, as well as potential draft picks.

The Texans are a team in transition, but still have Arian Foster and J.J. Watt as their primary superstars after Johnson. The team could win, but would need to solidify their future in this deal if it were to come to fruition. The Steelers are a team that has done a solid job of building a young roster via the draft, and could very well send a veteran and some young talent their way to make this deal happen.

Would the Steelers be willing to part ways with a regular player and the future to bring in a stud wide out like Johnson, who at the age of 33 has a few years left on his tires?

Andre Johnson is not going to have a cheap price tag, so don't think giving up someone like Guy Whimper or Cody Wallace would suffice to meet the Texans wants and needs.

The Steelers have several players that are entering contract years that might be satisfied getting that new long term deal from another team. For instance, someone like Cortez Allen or Marcus Gilbert are waiting their turn in line to get paid, but their number might never be called. Jason Worilds is another player who wants a long term deal, but his performance has yet to prove him worthy of such deal.

Sending one of these players, young talent at the wide receiver position and draft picks could very well be the price tag that the Texans are looking for if indeed they are going to shop Johnson.

Tackle Marcus Gilbert, wide receiver Markus Wheaton and a 2nd round draft pick in the 2015 NFL draft for Andre Johnson.

Okay fantasy owners, do you make that trade knowing that Johnson would need a new deal once arriving in Pittsburgh?

It is certainly interesting water cooler talk, but it is highly unlikely that the Steelers are even in the discussion for a player of Johnson's caliber. It simply isn't how the team does business, but one can dream of Ben Roethlisberger having a target like Johnson in the red zone, deep down field, well practically anywhere at his disposal.

It's a pipe dream, but a man can dream right?