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Ike Taylor: 'I love Dick LeBeau'

Said in a way only Taylor can say it, NFL Network ran a brief feature on LeBeau during the unveiling of the top 10 players in their yearly "Top 100" list.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Few are more entertaining to listen to moment-to-moment than Ike Taylor.

Speaking as a part of NFL Network's Top 100 Players feature, it appears Taylor is putting LeBeau, the Steelers defensive coordinator, at the top of the list. Ike is apparently placing himself second on that list, which provides ammunition for all who question the validity of the player-determined ranking NFLN runs yearly.

It doesn't matter, though, because it introduces a montage of clips featuring LeBeau as a player as well as a few soft moments as a coach. He shows LeBeau extend big, fatherly hugs to his players after what appeared to be big victories, as well as some motivational pep talks and very simple, direct coaching.

Taylor also rattles off about 50 nicknames for LeBeau, none of which he's likely to be called, outside of "Dicky."

The Steelers' defense has hit a slide over the last two years, and one can use logic to assume the team felt a lack of athleticism was their main problem. With athletic additions made both in free agency as well as the draft, the Steelers are looking to arm LeBeau's defense with playmakers.

Perhaps more of those fatherly "I'm proud of you" embraces are in the team's future.