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Fake Ryan Shazier Facebook page trolling Browns QB Johnny Manziel

Early Friday morning, Steelers rookie linebacker Ryan Shazier took to Facebook to let everyone know how he felt about this year's most well-known rookie quarterback.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATED: Steelers PR manager says Shazier doesn't have a Facebook page, someone is adding to his Instagram messages and Tweets.

Consider it the first shot fired in a potential rivalry between 2014 first round picks Ryan Shazier and Johnny Manziel.

On his personal Facebook page, Shazier let everyone know how he feels about Johnny Manziel and potentially facing him Week 1.

So in light of everyone's News.. The Browns are favored to Beat Pittsburgh in week one!! They Say "NLF Network" That Johnny "FootBall" Manziel Will not only beat the Steelers but light up the Scoreboard as well. What Does Steeler Nation Think? I Say That Boy Needs To Be More Focused.. Week One I got something for you Johnny!#JohnnyfootballSuxs #steelersnation #stayhumbleeatcrumbs#Steeler4Life #Clevelandsucks

Ever since the college football season ended, quarterback Johnny Manziel has been in the NFL spotlight. From workouts to the draft to offseason practices, Manziel has had his every move fairly well documented. It is virtually impossible to turn on ESPN or NFL Network and not hear, "Johnny Football" mentioned at least once.

But, as Shazier pointed out, Manziel's level of focus is questionable. Whether it is rolling up money, or taking pictures with Justin Beiber, the Manziel coverage is non-stop.

Luckily for Steelers fans, Shazier is fed up with the Manziel talk. But right now, we don't even know if Manziel will start week one against the Steelers.

We do know though that if Manziel does see the field week one, Shazier has something special for Johnny Football.