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Ryan Shazier troll is trolling Johnny Manziel

UPDATED: Steelers PR manager says Shazier doesn't have a Facebook page, someone is adding to his Instagram messages and Tweets.

Jason Miller


We'll keep the story in its entirety for the sake of posterity (i.e. owning up to it). It does appear his Twitter account and Instagram pages are legitimate and posts from those are being used on a Facebook page that isn't run by Shazier.

In another Facebook post, Shazier took aim at a comment Manziel made regarding LeBron James' decision to sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

"If I were Lil Johnny Football, I'd focus more on my career than partying it up with LeBron James. He's in for a big surprise come September."

While neither has played a down in the NFL, if this escalates to a social media battle it can boil into a lot more hatred for the Cleveland vs. Pittsburgh rivalry that hasn't had as much fire to it in recent history.  If nothing else, it's making the lull between the draft and training camp more exciting for the die-hard football fans.

Shazier made it clear today that this isn't about LeBron, it's about Cleveland.

"I'm not a cavs fan as you can tell but I want to give congrats to the best player in the league for going back home @kingjames u gave us great years at the heat. Sorry guys a Heat Fan. Not a Johnny fan"

It doesn't seem like it's slowing down, and with nothing else to do, let Shazier's trolling continue.