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Friday night 5 questions and open thread

Another set of random questions, another request to know your beverage and another demand for payment. It's Friday night, it's an open thread, let's go.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Good Friday, all, the rules are the same as always.

Provide and declare your beverage, no bringing up the quadratic equation and if you haven't donated to the house yet, please do so now.

1. Wow, what a day. Let's just get it out on the table now, the Ryan Shazier thing sucked. Be honest, did you really want him to be talking trash about Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel, or are things like that best left unsaid?

2. It brings up up another question. Social media has changed society, 'n all that, do you feel the Steel Curtain Dynasty would have been above Twitter? Lambert? No chance. Fats Holmes? Absolutely. Would the presence (temptation?) of social media have changed the mentality of those teams?

3. Why do the best Chinese restaurants not deliver? Is that a problem wherever you are? Zero desire to get up after the day I've had, so I have to choose because alright Chinese food that gets delivered, or very good Chinese food I have to drive 20 miles round trip for.

4. Do you ever look at our Facebook page? Do you go there first or do you go straight to the site? Are you offended with me collective light reader usage information in the form of Question 4?

5. Of these three position change candidates, which one would be best? Steve McLendon as a fullback, Cortez Allen as a slot receiver or Mike Tomlin as a special teams gunner?