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Ravens CB Jimmy Smith arrested for failure to obey police officer

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The arrest marks the fifth run-in with the law a Ravens player has had this offseason. Smith was arrested while refusing to step aside when police were trying to provide assistance to an intoxicated female at a bar in Towson, Md.

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The Baltimore Ravens' 2012 season was a magical run, culminating in a swan song for legendary linebacker Rayn Lewis, who hoisted his second Lombardi Trophy.

It hasn't exactly been great since then. An 8-8 season that saw the Ravens lose by a combined score of 75-24 in two losses - winning either one would have sent the Ravens to the playoffs for the seventh consecutive season.

It's been worse than that in 2014 as well.

Cornerback Jimmy Smith became the fifth Ravens player arrested this offseason after being cited with failure to obey a lawful order from a police officer Saturday night in Towson, Md.

The alleged incident occurred when Smith was attempting to assist an intoxicated female in the bathroom of a bar/restaurant. He was asked multiple times by police officers to stand in the hallway, but Smith refused, at one point, asking officers "What the f*** are you gonna do?", according to the Baltimore Sun.

The woman had in her purse what police suspected was a small bag of cocaine. Smith allegedly told police he and the woman had done a photo shoot together earlier that evening.

Smith also allegedly accused the arresting officer of only taking him into custody "so he could get on the news." The officer informed him he didn't know who he was. Smith advised him he would see this incident on ESPN Sunday. He was correct with his prediction.

According to the Sun, the following Ravens players are facing or have faced police charges this offseason: running back Ray Rice (felony aggravated assault, Atlantic City, N.J., accepted into pretrial diversion program), offensive lineman Jah Reid (misdemeanor battery, Key West, Fla., accepted into pretrial diversion program), wide receiver Deonte Thompson (felony possession of marijuana, Gainesville, Fla., case dismissed) and rookie running back Lorenzo Taliaferro (misdemeanor destruction of property, drunk and disorderly, Williamsburg, Va., case pending with July 31 court date).