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Miami Beach police do not list Maurkice or Mike Pouncey on incident report

It doesn't appear police intend to pursue either Pouncey brother in assault allegations stemming from alleged incident at a Miami Beach night club Saturday.


Neither Maurkice nor Mike Pouncey appear in an incident report from Miami Beach police, indicating accusations made by a man early Saturday morning that he was assaulted by both of them will not be pursued criminally.

In other words, "please disperse, there's nothing to see here."

One of the alleged victims, a female who accused Maurkice Pouncey of punching her while she was trying to break up a fight, said via Instagram she spoke with police about it, but indicated she didn't feel anything was going to come of it. It appears she was right, at least for the time being.

Whether they intended to investigate the matter after the weekend remains to be seen, as Post Gazette reporter Ray Fittipaldo's tweets suggest it's not off their radar yet. But it didn't raise enough interest in their estimation to place it on their incident report, so it would appear they're simply doing their due diligence now.