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Lawyer for Maurkice and Mike Pouncey denies alleged night club incident, threatens own legal action

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Jeff Ostrow says accusations against his clients are baseless and threatens to pursue his own action on behalf of his clients.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Ostrow, the attorney representing both Maurkice and Mike Pouncey in a personal assault lawsuit, views allegations against his clients as nothing more than a financially-motivated lie.

"Mike and Maurkice were not involved in any altercation with the accuser or anyone else that night and did nothing wrong," Ostrow wrote in a letter obtained by the Miami Herald. "It appears that the accuser is an opportunist seeking attention and possible financial gain. Any attempt by the accuser or anyone else to bring an action against them based upon these false allegations will be vigorously defended. If the accuser continues to perpetuate these lies, we will bring an action against him."

The Pounceys are accused of attacking Riquan James at Cameo night club in Miami Beach Saturday. Two other accusers, Niya Pickett and Brentley Williams, have hired personal injury attorneys.

The Pounceys called Saul fairly quickly after the news of the alleged assault broke via the accusers' social media pages. Based on the strong language from Ostrow, the Pounceys are willing to fight to clear this up. As it is, it's the second July in which some kind of legal narrative is hanging over the head of a Steelers' offensive lineman. Last year, Mike Adams was accusing three men of stabbing him and attempting to steal his truck.

Pouncey is recovering from a torn right ACL, and just signed a six-year contract extension with the Steelers. He looks to be the figurehead of the Steelers' revamped outside zone rushing scheme under new offensive line coach Mike Munchak.