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Bill Cowher never saw Joey Porter as a future coach

Bill Cowher knows Joey Porter better than most, but never saw the former OLB as a potential coach in the future.

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When fans think of Joey Porter, they think of a fiery outside linebacker that is considered to be one of the more beloved characters of the last two decades. Not many saw Porter as a future coach in college or professional football.

Count Bill Cowher into that group.

Bill Cowher took to the airwaves yesterday talking to 93.7 the Fan in Pittsburgh about everything Pittsburgh Steelers related, and when co-host Larry Foote asked Cowher about Porter being a part of the Steelers' coaching staff, his answers says it all.

"There's a lot of things that you foresee in life, and seeing Joey Porter on the sidelines coaching is not one that I saw,"

However, Cowher also added that he sees just how Porter could be an effective and important part of the Steelers' coaching staff in 2014.

"But, you know what, I think if Joey just continues to take that passion that he has for the game, I think he has a lot of insight, a lot he can give to these young guys that they have right now."

Cowher's admission should not surprise anyone. Joey Porter the player was the passion of the football team that sometimes went overboard. Putting it mildly, sometimes Porter was unable to control himself from an emotional standpoint when he wore No. 55 for the Steelers. Those aren't really characteristics people don't tend to be searching for when looking for a coach.

Cowher's analysis of the role Porter can play on this coaching staff was spot on. If Porter can bring anything to this 2014 Steelers' defense, it is teaching these young players, particularly the linebackers, not only how to play the game, but how to play with the fire that is required to be successful in the NFL.

Whatever Bill Cowher thinks of Joey Porter the coach is ultimately meaningless considering he has nothing to do with the organization any longer, but his insight gives a glimpse of what Porter brings to the table as a coach and what he can use from his playing career to help him be the best coach possible.