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Friday night 5 questions and open thread

It's Friday it's not quite 10:30 but it's time to party...can anyone name that paraphrased movie line?

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"They look like two chimps on a davenport in a basement. I'm not sponsoring this."

The rules are, as usual, exactly the same. Please provide your own and announce your beverage (that means tell us what you're drinking), refrain from any conversation regarding the second Dream Team and if you have not yet donated, please send us money now.

1. Some good discussion on Cleveland's second favorite athlete, Johnny Manziel, today. Let's make the assumption Manziel is starting from Day 1. Is he already more hated than Joe Flacco?

2. Speaking of the Ravens...BTSC ran a story the other day regarding the annual Forbes valuation of the Steelers' net worth. Our headline was fairly simple, "The Steelers franchise value rises to $1.118 billion in Forbes' annual survey." The Baltimore Sun recently did the same story from the Ravens' perspective, but they pointed out in the headline their valuation was higher than that of the Steelers. I find it incredibly annoying the amount of Baltimore media that write about the Pittsburgh Steelers. Anyone interested in finding examples per outlet (using that term loosely because I'm including the Ravens' web site, which has to be the most pathetic collection of hacks this side of The Other Site), then running those numbers as part of a story? Or should we just troll them each time they do it?

3. You didn't read all of question 2, but the answer is yes. A better question, though, the Steelers had James Harrison on their roster at the same time Joey Porter was, but he wasn't player he'd eventually become. LaMarr Woodley would eventually fill in with Harrison to become the highest sack-producing tandem of Steelers' OLBs ever. Of those three, which two would be the best pair and why? Keep in mind, neither Harrison nor Porter played on the left side (in their primes).

4. (requisite Renegade teaser) An upcoming article in BTSC's season preview issue will show Steelers' rookie wide receiver Martavis Bryant was the most athletic receiver above 6-foot-3 in the draft. He even measured out, based on the data in this article, more athletic than Markus Wheaton. Will Cash Back (call it Wheaton, Bryant and Brown) top the marks set by Young Money in 2011-12?

5. Of Jim Irsay, Ray Rice and Aldon Smith, predict the length of suspension for each.