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Series on Browns quarterbacks since 1999 shows humorous stats

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The Cleveland Plain-Dealer is running a clever series on all the Browns starting quarterbacks since 1999. We've broken them out by ones who have started against the Steelers during that time.

Jared Wickerham

Ya gotta give credit where credit is due.

We're giving it to the Cleveland Plain-Dealer for their series on Cleveland Browns starting quarterbacks since 1999- today's edition, Steelers back-up quarterback Bruce Gradkowski, a Browns starter for one game in 2008. He put up what could be the worst starting quarterback performance against the Steelers in the Dick LeBeau Era, completing 5-of-16 passes for 18 yards, tossing two interceptions without a touchdown pass, generating a passer rating of 1.0.

That mark is tough to beat, but it wasn't without some legit effort from a few other one-game Browns starters against the Steelers. In Doug Pederson's lone start against the Steelers in 2000, he went 9-for-20 for 61 yards and three interceptions (passer rating 12.7). Spergon Wynn was 1-for-3 for 2 yards in that same game.

On the flip side, Brady Quinn beat the Steelers on a blustery night in 2009 by completing 6-of-19 for 90 yards, no touchdowns or picks.

The series itself is clever and interesting, and is definitely worth a read - right up until they get to Quinn, and his heroic negative performance that resulted in a win. Steelers fans are no doubt thrilled to discuss that game in 2009. Incidentally, the Steelers would lose to Gradkowski's Raiders that same year, right during the "Unleash Hell" phase of Mike Tomlin's tenure.

Here's a running list of the Browns quarterbacks who have started against the Steelers while in Cleveland, and their records:

Ty Detmer, 0-1
Tim Couch, 3-5
Doug Pederson, 0-1
Spergon Wynn, 0-1
Kelly Holcomb, 0-3 (including 0-1 postseason)
Jeff Garcia, 0-2
Luke McCown, 0-0
Trent Dilfer, 0-1
Charlie Frye, 0-2
Derek Anderson, 0-3
Bruce Gradkowski, 0-1
Brady Quinn, 1-0
Colt McCoy, 0-3
Seneca Wallace, 0-1
Brandon Weeden, 1-0
Thad Lewis, 0-1
Jason Campbell, 0-2