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Steelers are 20-1 favorites to win Super Bowl 49

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Las Vegas is the gambling capital of the world, and they recently released the odds for every NFL team to win Super Bowl 49. The Steelers find themselves in the middle of the pack, so place your bets.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Place your bets. Window's closing.

That's right, with the 2014 NFL season officially underway it is time for Las Vegas to start raking in the dough on fans' predictions on the team that will win the Super Bowl. Granted, you can bet on anything at any time in Vegas, but the official odds were released by the Ceasar's sports book, and that sports book has the Pittsburgh Steelers as 20-1 favorites to win Super Bowl 49.

The 20-1 distinction from Las Vegas places the Steelers as the 11th team in the NFL. The Seattle Seahawks, as defending Super Bowl champions, sit atop the list at 5-1 odds, but surprisingly share that top spot with the Denver Broncos. The San Francisco 49ers at 5.5-1 odds, the Green Bay Packers at 7-1 odds, and the New England Patriots at 8-1 odds round out the top 5 according to the Ceasar's sports book.

In terms of the AFC North, the Steelers and their 20-1 odds are second in the division. The Cincinnati Bengals are tied for 8th with 18-1 odds, the Baltimore Ravens sit at 12th with 25-1 odds, and the Cleveland Browns are tied at 25th with 50-1 odds to win the big game in February.

The Steelers are an unknown enigma with many question marks heading into the 2014 season that could either set them back, or make them a truly elite team in the NFL. Only time will tell how the Steelers respond this season, but if you truly believe the Steelers can win it all, you might want to place that bet before the odds start to shift.