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Larry Foote says Joey Porter has 'it' factor to become NFL head coach

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Steelers defensive assistant coach Joey Porter is just starting his coaching career, but a former teammate thinks he has what it takes to someday run the whole team.

Ex-Steelers and current Cardinals linebacker Larry Foote knows plenty both about playing the game of football, and the motivational qualities of ex-Steelers OLB and current defensive assistant coach Joey Porter.

He told ESPN's Scott Brown recently Porter has "the 'it' factor" as a coach that can eventually lead to a head coaching position in the NFL.

If Porter was an NFL head coach, this situation probably would have been much worse.

Harbaugh probably would not have survived.

Even Jerome Bettis stopped talking when Porter had something to say, a very fitting characteristic of a head coach. The fact he's been shot before probably serves more as a bonus.

Porter wouldn't fear Denver. He got shot in Denver. Who ride?

Let's not forget Porter's willingness to sacrifice pay and ethical fighting techniques in order to smite his enemy.

Joking aside, Foote made an interesting point. Not only does Brown paraphrase Foote saying Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald told him Porter is the best leader he's ever been around, but in the evolving NFL, Porter's best traits are becoming standard among coaches.

"The game is changing. You need coaches coming in with that energy. A lot of players can feed off the coaches’ energy and what a perfect guy to do it."