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Steelers fans 'the best,' according to a study

An Emory University study concludes Steelers fans support their team through social media more than any other team in the NFL.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Steelers fans are the best.


The Sports Marketing Analytics project conducted at Emory University by Mike Lewis and Manish Tripathi determined Steelers fans rank No. 1 in NFL Social Media Equity - a measurement combining how much financial support a fan base gives a team and how much fans follow a team via social media.

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According to the study:

(Social Media Equity is) based on an analysis of how strong each team’s social media following is after controlling for team quality and market characteristics. Social Media Equity therefore has some beneficial properties. Most importantly, it is not constrained by stadium capacities or team pricing policies. It also provides a means for capturing national level brand equity.

The Dallas Cowboys rank No. 1 in Fan Equity, the component measuring fan's financial support. They also rank No. 2 in Social Media Equity. The Steelers rank No. 11 in Fan Equity.

It should be noted, too, Dr. Lewis is a Steelers fan. Obviously.