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The Pittsburgh Steelers are old and slow no longer

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The Pittsburgh Steelers have adjusted their draft process, as well as their approach to free agency to get younger and improve their team speed, and their work has paid off.

Joe Sargent

"Old, Slow, and it's over."

That was the quote from Warren Sapp in 2011 that was repeated over, and over and over again. That moniker has stuck with the Pittsburgh Steelers ever since, for some reason, and to this day media and other outlets often declare this team as old and slow.

Well, those people that say that aren't following the team very closely, because if they were they would know that is not the case anymore after the recent roster turnover in the offseason. Dale Lolley of the Washington Observer-Reporter said it best via Twitter.

The simple fact is that the Steelers aren't old anymore. They have some veterans, but when the deadline to be considered old in the NFL is 30, the Steelers are well south of the Mendoza line in this case.

Sure, the Steelers had some obvious issues with aging players the past three seasons. I can still see James Farrior putting forth 100 percent, and it still not being enough to track down a ball carrier. Seeing Brett Keisel at times last season get pushed around along the line and failing to make plays you are accustomed to seeing him make was downright painful. I could go on, but the Steelers made an effort two seasons ago to get younger and faster, and they have done just that.

The speed goes beyond the fastest player in the 2014 NFL Draft, Dri Archer, but across the board. Ryan Shazier, Martavis Bryant even Stephon Tuitt have the speed that is sought after at their positions. Throw in returning players like Antonio Brown and you have yourself a team that is built around speed.

It was long over due, but the Steelers have done what many thought they wouldn't do. They changed their philosophy on draft day, as well as in free agency, and it is paying off. Whether that leads to more wins in the 2014 season, only time will tell, but they are better equipped to win this season then they were the past few.