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Twitter reaction to Steelers retiring Joe Greene's jersey number

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The Steelers announced in a press-conference Wednesday afternoon that "Mean" Joe Greene's jersey would be retired at this year's home game against the Ravens.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

It's been 50 years.

In 1964 the Steelers retired Ernie Stautner's number 70, and they hadn't retired one since; that is until number 75 was retired today.

Ultimately, Sean Jensen, managing editor of Thrive Sports, said on Twitter what everyone else was thinking.

Jensen put it exactly how I felt. But one couldn't have summed up the national reaction any better than columnist Gene Collier.

Why did it take the Steelers till 2014 to retire the jersey of such an integral member of their franchise even after he played? We may never know, but the foundation that Greene set was emphasized by chairman Dan Rooney when he talked to's Judy Batista.

But of course, you can't mention the history of Greene without mentioning the classic Coke commerical. This sports fan did just that in his tweet.

With Greene's jersey being retired, we're all wondering if it is going to take the Steelers another 50 years to retire another great. The numbers 36, 12, 52, 58, 59, and 32 aren't officially retired. Yet, the Steelers don't issue them anymore. But the tweet that caught me the most by surprise regarding numbers was the tweet of Steelers beat writer Mark Kaboly.

When you read that list of players, for most of them you think, who? But, despite the fact that many deserving players' jerseys aren't retired, arguably the greatest Steeler of all time will. Really, this fan put it best in a response to BTSC editor Neal Coolong.