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Are you ready for The Renegade?

BTSC's season preview issue is under construction, but you better be ready, come July 25, it'll be unleashed on the world.

Karl Walter you hear that?

boom. buh boom. buh boom.

It's faint, but it's getting louder, and it won't be much longer now.

boom. buh boom. buh boom.

All is quiet now on this Fourth of July but in just a few short weeks it''ll get really loud again. The second renegade is coming. Prepare thyself accordingly.


Behind The Steel Curtain's season preview issue is under construction currently. Features, position summaries, highlights, play breakdowns, and the 2014 Jersey Rules. All this and more, all of this on July 24, along with some site-related news and as usual, all the information you'll need to get ready to follow this team throughout what looks to be a big 2014 season.

It's gonna be so big, we may need our own Double Renegade. It'll be so huge, you won't want to miss it. You can't miss it. If you do, you better be dead....or in jail...and if you're in jail....BREAK OUT!