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Larry Foote "fired up" over Ohio State's Ryan Shazier wearing his No. 50

The ex-Steelers linebacker and University of Michigan product Larry Foote has never been shy about expressing his contempt for The Ohio State University.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Larry Foote, a product of the University of Michigan, doesn't like Ohio State.

It's bad enough for him he had to play under Buckeyes alum Dick LeBeau nearly his entire career in Pittsburgh, they brought in multiple defensive players from Ohio State as well.

To top it off, they gave Ryan Shazier, the team's first round pick in 2014, Foote's number, just a few weeks after Foote was released. He has since signed with the Arizona Cardinals.

"The only Buckeye I ever liked was Dick LeBeau," Foote told Go Blue Wolverine in 2013.

His tune in 2014 isn't any less combative.

"I didn’t like that Buckeye getting my number," Foote told ESPN's Scott Brown. "I was fired up."

It's all in good fun for Foote...maybe. He actually probably is upset to some degree, but 1. That's Larry Foote being Larry Foote, and 2. You get all loyalty, not just a part of it. For the same reasons many consider Ohio State vs. Michigan to be one of the premiere rivalries in all of sports, it's embedded deeply into those who participate in it.

There isn't exactly a Buckeyes-Wolverines level fervor over Steelers vs. Cardinals, but Foote was his usual yippy self when the Steelers played his Detroit Lions in 2009.

Much like the news cycle in early July, things will be a lot quieter without Foote around the team.