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Antonio Brown trains with The Rock

Some NFL players go and train with experts after minicamp in preparation of training camp and the upcoming season. Antonio Brown trains with mythical heroes.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Troy Polamalu goes to California to train with Marv Marinovich. Ike Taylor trains with Tom Shaw in Florida.

Who does Antonio Brown turn to when it comes to his off season training regimen? Hercules himself.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Johnson who is starring in the new film "Hercules" as the mythical character with unparalleled strength posted a photo on Twitter of the two training together.

Seeing this photo makes me think back to the days when Johnson was only known as "The Rock" and was a part of a very entertaining WWE lineup. Maybe this time spent with Johnson will have Brown using some of his catch phrases and slogans in interviews next season.

"Finally, Antonio Brown has returned to Pittsburgh."

...and of course, "If you smell, what cookin'!"

You never know if Brown will drop the "people's elbow" or flash the "people's eyebrow" when celebrating a touchdown next season.

Just as Johnson entertains, so does Brown, just in a different venue.