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Re-living the Steelers' 19-11 win over Tennessee Titans in 2010

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It was one of the best defensive performances in team history, along with it being one of the worst offensive performances it's ever had. The Week 2 win over the Titans is a memorable game, especially when you add in the $5k Suplex.

Grant Halverson

This play is awesome in so many ways.

Not only does it show the raw power and brutality of three of the more memorable Steelers players of the last 10 years (defensive ends Brett Keisel and Aaron Smith and outside linebacker James Harrison), it serves as the top highlight from one of the most powerfully dominant defensive performances of an era of defensive success in Pittsburgh.

Titans quarterback Vince Young, the unfortunate recipient of what would be known as the $5,000 Suplex (a nod to the first fine Harrison would receive that season), just the cherry on top of a game where the Titans offense turned the ball over seven times. The Steelers defense sacked both Young and replacement Kerry Collins a combined four times, but the amount of pressure generated was amazing.

What made this game even more unique is the Steelers found a way to put into the game their fourth string quarterback, for all intents and purposes, and play what could be considered their worst offensive football game in a generation or two. The Steelers, playing amid a suspension to quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and an in-game injury to preseason No. 3 quarterback Dennis Dixon, laced up Charlie Batch, who didn't even make the team until Byron Leftwich was injured during training camp. The Steelers had just 25 passing yards in the contest, and their lone touchdown was scored on an 89-yard kickoff return by then-rookie Antonio Brown.

The story was the defense, as it usually was that season. The Steelers stopped the 12-game 100-yard rushing streak by Titans running back Chris Johnson in epic fashion, allowing just 34 yards on 16 carries. Steelers linebacker Lawrence Timmons put a hit on Johnson that forced him from the game in the fourth quarter.

LaMarr Woodley and Troy Polamalu each had interceptions, with Polamalu having scored another highlight - one of his patented leaps over the center to take down Collins before he could hand the ball off in the second half. Woodley added a sack, Harrison had two of them in the game and Bryant McFadden had the team's third interception.

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