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Alan Faneca and Sean Morey among group of ex-players rejecting concussion settlement

Two former Steelers and five other former NFL players rejecting what they call a "lousy deal" for ex-players.

Ex-Steelers offensive guard Alan Faneca and ex-Steelers wide receiver/special teams player Sean Morey are among a group of seven retired NFL players who rejected the most recent concussion settlement proposal.

The group called the proposal, filed in Federal court in Philadelphia, a "lousy deal" for the players, and a "great deal" for the NFL and the class counsel.

The other five in the group are Ben Hamilton, Robert Royal, Rock Cartwright, Jeff Rohrer, and Sean Considine.

Attorney Steve Molo, the lawyer representing the group, told ESPN, "We are asking the judge [Anita Brody of U.S. District Court] to do what she did before, to refuse to grant a preliminary approval."

The most recent proposal is the second that's been issued. Both sides agreed to the first one, despite objections from several former players, but Brody rejected it on the basis of a lack of detail toward a large portion of players affected by head injuries suffered as players.

The group takes particular exception with the amount of legal fees being paid, while pointing out the current agreement would not cover players who currently do not show signs of suffering from the effects of chronic traumatic encephalopathy - CTE - and other concussion-caused brain injury, including episodic depression, sleep disorders, mood and personality changes and attention and concentration deficits, according to Molo.

In short, the group is accusing the NFL and the class of agreeing to a quick and simple proposal that wouldn't cover a large amount of those affected. It also doesn't appear the proposal would make apparent what they feel is the NFL's responsibility in covering up those afflictions.