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Former Steelers' center Jeff Hartings applauds decision on concussion lawsuit

In the after-math of the NFL concussion lawsuit, another former Steeler chimes in on the federal judge's preliminary approval.

Teresa Varley

At the first settlement of the lawsuit against the NFL by more than 4,500 former players, the damages that could be listed were capped at $765 million.  This decision was recently struck down by U.S. District Judge Anita Brody, and the new settlement reached has left the damages without a cap on how much retired players can recover for their injuries.

Though the new settlement has just been reached at a preliminary approval, NFL retirees have already been quoted in the media on their response.

Former Steelers center, and Super Bowl champion, Jeff Hartings gave his approval of the decision yesterday.  ""It sounds like a good deal," said Hartings. "First and foremost, guys who are suffering can get help immediately. This is something that could have dragged on for years. I'm satisfied that [Judge Brody] took it into her own hands to get a settlement. She did what was best for those who are suffering right now."

Hartings sounds a lot different than his former teammate, Alan Faneca, whom yesterday called the new settlement "lousy" and opposed the Judge Brody's decision on the grounds that there will be man NFL retirees who aren't helped by the settlement as is.

Faneca's main complaint, along with other NFL retirees, is that the scope for which players can be awarded damages to recover from is to small and needs to broadened so that more players can be helped as they deal with injuries that stem for their playing days in the NFL.

Players still can opt-out of the class action suit and choose to sue the NFL on their own at any time.