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Steelers Heath Miller makes a guarantee

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Miller isn't one to speak in definitive tones, which is why fans should pay attention when he speaks about Steelers rookie Dri Archer.

Rich Schultz

Maybe the non-trend-setting Heath Miller will establish something of a spin-off tradition at Heinz Field Saturday when the Steelers take on the Buffalo Bills in the team's second preseason game.

The next time rookie receiver Dri Archer catches a pass, Miller, long accustomed to hearing a loud "HEEEEATH!" coming from the crowd when he grabs a pass, can lead the crowd in a resounding:


As in "Dree," rhymes with "three," the Steelers' rookie speed demon who took a screen pass 46 yards in the team's preseason-opening loss to the Giants this past weekend.

The only problem, as Miller saw it, was Archer didn't score. He spoke with ESPN's Scott Brown Monday, and as Brown points out, Miller's quote machine is stuck on the "bland" setting. He spoke candidly about Archer, though.

"I guarantee you when he is out there the next time they're going to know who No. 13 is and where he's lining up and pay extra attention to him," Miller told Brown. "It can be good for all of us. He can help our offense."

The crowd will likely pay more attention to where the diminutive No. 13 is on the field, even if he took something of a flat angle getting up the field after catching a screen pass from Ben Roethlisberger. Archer leveled his run straight toward the sideline, cutting up probably a bit too late. That allowed the Giants' safety valves to take good angles to limit the play.

If a run is criticized after gaining 46 yards, one might say the expectations are a tad high, but that's the curse of the fleet of foot. Miller doesn't quite have that problem. A few things likely went wrong on the defensive side of the ball if Miller broke free for 46 yards, but he said he gave Archer "trouble" for getting caught from behind.

He'll get more trouble until he gets in the end zone, but if he cracks off 46-yard plays several times this season, it may be quickly forgiven.