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Steelers unveil Chuck Noll commemorative helmet decal

The Pittsburgh Steelers unveil the commemorative helmet decal to honor the great Chuck Noll.


It was announced at the outset of training camp that the Pittsburgh Steelers would be donning a helmet decal in honor of the greatest coach in the organization's history, Chuck Noll. But when Steelers president Art Rooney II made the announcement, the design hadn't been released.

For those that have been waiting, the Steelers officially released the design of the helmet on the team's official website. The decal is simple, and probably the way Noll would have wanted to be commemorated. A black oval with Noll's initials 'CHN' in gold in the center of the oval.

The Steelers will be wearing the decals for the duration of the 2014 NFL season and will do so on Sunday, September 7th when the Cleveland Browns come to Heinz Field for the season opener.

Opening day just happens to fall on 'Chuck Noll Day' across the state of Pennsylvania.

Noll created a dynasty while coaching the Steelers and is still the only head coach in NFL history to ever win 4 Super Bowl titles.