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Steelers Antonio Brown fined $8,200 for kick to Browns punter

NFL says "no Crane technique."

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Karate doesn't pay, apparently.

While Daniel LaRusso only got a trophy for his massive upset win in the All Valley Karate Tournament, at least he had the fame that went with it.

If Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown received fame for his jump-kick on Browns punter Spencer Lanning in Pittsburgh's 30-27 win over Cleveland in Week 1 - and by the massive amount of tweets and memes created, it's safe to say he did - he certainly didn't get the money to go with it.

Brown was fined $8,200 from the NFL for the kick. Brown said it was unintentional, and apparently the NFL disagreed.

He was penalized 15 yards for unnecessary roughness on the play. And he was tackled by a punter.

It's the second time in the team's last four games a fine has come from a Steelers' special teams play. Linebacker Terence Garvin was fined $25,000 for a hit he put on Bengals punter Kevin Huber last year. Huber's jaw was broken on the play and he missed the remainder of the season.