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Steelers vs. Ravens second half open thread

The Steelers trail the Ravens 10-3 at halftime of another sagging defensive performance from Pittsburgh.

Patrick Smith

The palate of colors that may be used to paint an accurate yet detailed picture of the Steelers' performance in the first half of this game is running dry.

The Steelers have been abysmal for the last four quarters of play. They're trailing 34-6 from the last two quarters of their Week 1 win over Cleveland to the first two quarters of this game. Baltimore took a 10-3 lead into the locker room, and it's really just a question of which Steelers team will emerge from it.

Will it be the same porous defensive team that's starting off another season with a complete lack of ability to tackle, force a takeaway or pressure the quarterback? Or will the team regroup and find a way to do something to a Ravens team that looks equally fatigued and not overly sharp?

To Baltimore's credit, quarterback Joe Flacco has performed right on schedule, leading the Ravens to a very effective first half of play. He's simply sitting in the pocket, taking the ample time he has and throwing to open receivers.

Until the Steelers change that - something they've struggled with for now going on three straight seasons - it'll be more of the same.