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Steelers injury report: Steve McLendon left with shoulder injury

The Steelers' nose tackle was playing a decent game before going down in the fourth quarter.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Steeler Nation suddenly became as nervous as the Steelers' secondary looked Thursday night, as wide receiver Antonio Brown took a shoulder to the head after a great third-down reception. He rolled around for a bit on the ground, only to bounce back up and head to the sideline.

Brown would go to the locker room and eventually get back on the field to finish with 90 receiving yards in one of the few decent performances from any Steelers player in a dismal 26-6 loss Thursday to the Ravens.

Ramon Foster left the game briefly, although it's unclear whether that was an injury or the need to get him off the field. It wasn't a memorable performance for the Steelers' veteran left guard.

Toward the end of the game, nose tackle Steve McLendon went down with a shoulder injury - thus activating a level of concern that should radiate through the team. The Steelers' defensive line did not play well in the loss, but McLendon was probably the bright spot of the game. He led a resurgent charge early in the second half, having contributed to stalling the Ravens' running game that would eventually break through in the win.

McLendon didn't return and his status will be evaluated over the next few days.

The Steelers have some time off before a Sunday night game at Carolina Sept. 21.