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Inside the Steelers Locker Room: Steelers are defeating themselves

The Pittsburgh Steelers returned back to town Friday and reported to the team's training facility. When made available to the media, BTSC's own John Phillips was there to talk to several players on the day after the loss to the Ravens.

Rob Carr

LeGarrette Blount

Justin Brown

Ike Taylor

Jarvis Jones

BTSC's own John Phillips was inside the Pittsburgh Steelers locker room when the team returned from Baltimore after a 26-6 loss to the Ravens Thursday night. John spoke to running back LeGarrette Blount, wide receiver Justin Brown, cornerback Ike Taylor and linebacker Jarvis Jones.

Among the audio clips above, you will find one common theme that surely trickled down from Mike Tomlin. The Steelers had too many self-inflicted wounds to come back from Baltimore with a victory. Players spoke of "beating themselves" and pointed to turnovers and penalties as reasons why the Ravens looked to be the more-dominant team.

Taylor, one of the more-frank members of the team, even went as far as to say the Ravens were the more-physical team, but that isn't to say the Steelers weren't physical as well. Blount might have put it best when he pointed to the fact that the team is 1-1 and there are 14 games remaining on the schedule. "Everyone be cool. We'll be alright." Blount said to the media.

Pittsburgh Steelers fans around the globe sure hope so.