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Friday night five questions and open thread

Sifting through the apocalyptic war zone that is Steeler Nation Friday, we have just a few questions.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

You're probably not in the mood for humor but I'm going to make fun of the situation anyway.

As usual, you must announce the weapon you're armed with, absolutely no discussion at all about local wineries and if you haven't donated before...we'll give you today off.

1. Did the Steelers lose one game Thursday, or five? It's an honest question.

2. If the Steelers win 12 of their final 14 games, beating out Denver for the top seed in the AFC, and Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said about the turnaround, "it all stemmed from THIS that happened during/after the loss to the Ravens in Week 2," what would he be referring to?

3. If your date came home with boxed wine and Pizza Hut, would you be: A.) Excited, B.) Repulsed, C.) Annoyed or D.) ready to sit down and discuss Thursday's game?

4. Make a Haiku aimed to entice an NFL player of your choice to join the Steelers.

5. Which receiver would you rather have back on the Steelers right now, Emmanuel Sanders or Mike Wallace (please refrain from annoying, cheesy and lame responses that do not pick either option. That's weak. Like punting in the fourth quarter down three scores weak).