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NFL early games open thread

May as well watch together, Steeler Nation

Andy Lyons

The Steelers had their "fun" Thursday night, and now that we're obviously not talking about that or the future ramifications of such a loss, we may as well dip into the rest of the league.

The Pittsburgh area is getting Cincinnati and Atlanta on CBS and New Orleans and Cleveland on FOX. There are games I'd rather watch, but I heard something about DirecTV being free this weekend. I'm digging into it but it seems like there's always a caveat to that - like it's free to watch Jacksonville or St. Louis, but no other games.

Anyway, we'll be here off and on all day, may set up another thread for the later games, so stick around, let us know where you are, we'll fill this with fun GIFs and other analysis and such. Let us know where you are, let's see how the other half lives before we prepare to dive into the Steelers' Week 3 game against the Carolina Panthers.