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Get out of Cam Heyward's way, Coach Porter

Steelers defensive end Cameron Heyward's chest bump sends defensive assistant coach Joey Porter sprawling in the second half of the Steelers' Week 3 win over Carolina.

Justin K. Aller


This is the look of a man who broke through an early slump to dominate in his third game of the season.

This is also the look of a considerably larger Cameron Heyward inadvertently dropping Steelers defensive assistant Joey Porter to the ground in celebration after Heyward put a hit on Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, forcing an errant throw on third and long.

Heyward's sluggist start seemed to be more the cause of a defensive line that hadn't quite come together yet, as well as his tendency to overplay the offense, trying to do more than he might have needed to. That's not the greatest analysis, but there seemed to be a spark in Heyward this offseason, wanting to step up into a leadership role, and the frustration of a tough start may have gotten to him a bit.

Whatever that frustration may have been, he took it out on the Panthers in the Steelers' Week 3 win. It's onto the Buccaneers now, the Steelers host the 0-3 Bucs in Week 4.