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The Pittsburgh Steelers lead the NFL in rushing yards heading into Week 4

Commitment to the ground and a dominant performance against Carolina in Week 3 puts the Steelers atop the league's team rushing standings.

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Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

It's not a stat on which the Steelers will dwell for very long, but it's impossible to believe they checked the league statistics following the Monday Night game in Week 3, confirming their 163.3 yards per game rushing was the best in the NFL, and didn't revel in the moment for a bit.

The best rushing performance in the Mike Tomlin Era (265 yards on the ground) in a 37-19 win over Carolina vaulted the running-averse Steelers to the top of the league, averaging six yards better than the New York Jets (157.3) through three games.

The Steelers are also 11th in passing yards at 256 per game, putting them fifth in the NFL in yards per game at 419.3.

Again, massive explosions of rushing yards early in the season will help that but considering how dominant the Steelers' offensive line was against a talented Panthers defense only suggests they'll want to utilize the NFL's second-leading rusher, Le'Veon Bell (315 yards) even more.

The defensive side of the ball is still a work-in-progress, surrendering 24 points a game and 353.7 yards per contest. Oddly, less than two yards separate division rivals Baltimore, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh who sit in 16th through 18th place, respectively, in yards allowed.

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