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NFL Power Rankings: Steelers jump to 8th in post-Week 3 rankings

The Steelers 37-19 Week 3 win over the Carolina Panthers moved the team from 18th to 8th on SB Nation's NFL Power Rankings.

Grant Halverson

The Week 3 NFL Power Rankings have been released, and the Pittsburgh Steelers continue their roller coaster-like movement up and down the rankings. According to the SB Nation Power Rankings, the Steelers registered one of the largest jumps in the rankings, jumping 10 spots to the No. 8 ranking among all 32 NFL franchises.

Author Danny Kelly had this to say about the Steelers:

The AFC North remains a division to reckon with. The Ravens and Steelers both got big road wins, and it's possible no team was as impressive as Pittsburgh this week, who went down to Carolina and dominated one of the best defenses in the NFL. I have the feeling Carolina will bounce back since its defense is too strong, but the Steelers made sure to let the league know that their offensive performance in Week 2 against the Ravens was a fluke.

After Week 1, the Steelers were ranked 9th after narrowly defeating the Clevelend Browns, but plummeted to 18th in the rankings after being beaten by AFC North rival Baltimore Ravens on Thursday night football.

As the Steelers injected themselves into the conversation as a potentially elite team in the NFL, fans must remember consistency is they key to winning in the NFL. Just as the Steelers rose in the rankings after defeating the Browns, only to fall after being beaten by the Ravens, their play on the field must start to level out and prove that the defense that showed up in Charlotte is the new norm rather than the defense that took the field in Baltimore two weeks ago.

The Steelers certainly have the chance to remain in the top-10 as they face two winless teams next on the schedule. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-3) travel to Heinz Field this Sunday, and the Steelers travel to Florida to face the Jacksonville Jaguars (0-3) the following week.