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Winners and Losers after Steelers loss to Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Steelers took one of the most painful defeats the team has had in the Mike Tomlin Era. There were a few outstanding performances as well.


Antonio Brown - Find a way to describe his game as anything other than sensational. I really can't do it. Despite a rare drop - two of them, actually - Brown torched Tampa's secondary the rest of the way, becoming the first player in NFL history to have five catches and 50 yards in 20 consecutive games. Not Rice, not Carter, Antonio Brown.

Ben Roethlisberger - His mistakes were infrequent enough to really stand out. He missed a wide open Markus Wheaton down the sideline in the third quarter, and he may have held onto the ball a bit too long, causing a few of the sacks he took. When those are what you're complaining about after the performance Roethlisberger had, you're far too critical. Excellent game from Roethlisberger, his second straight outstanding performance.

Steve McLendon - A key inside presence to a strong game against the run. The pass killed them. The Steelers' run defense allowed 63 yards on 20 carries, one of the best performances they've had in a while. McLendon did well in this game.

Heath Miller - A game-high 10 catches on 11 targets for 85 yards and, like Brown, even with a bad drop in there, Miller played as well in the passing game as he's done since his knee injury in 2012. He and Roethlisberger were in tune, with many of his catches coming off of hot routes. While Brown owned the deeper portion of the field, and Le'Veon Bell had a strong receiving game underneath, the seam was open for Miller and he took advantage.


Cortez Allen - I'm really not even sure what to say anymore. His one play came by way of an interception after Mike Evans pulled up lame on a deep pass attempt.

William Gay - It seems he was a step off and lost for much of this game. He got beat deep by Bucs WR Mike Evans on a catch that set up a touchdown and begged for a challenge. He got it and it was quickly upheld. He had tight coverage on a few plays as well, but could have been flagged, and really didn't make a play on the ball. He also allowed the TD pass that sealed the win for Tampa Bay.

Kelvin Beachum - The Steelers surrendered a large amount of pressure, and much of it came from Beachum. Tampa Bay is a good pass-rushing team but the Steelers offensive line has still been inconsistent at best in terms of pass protection.

Brad Wing - I hate putting one-plays in here, but Wing's punt couldn't have been worse at a critical time in the game. Some will say it may not have mattered, but with as erratic an arm as Glennon has, one more pass may have resulted in a game-sealing play. Maybe. Or maybe not.

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