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BTSC Steelers GIF contest

Who can make the best Steelers GIF for the 2014 season?

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

With the Steelers' season opener at hand, there's lots of excitement and anxiety for the start of the season. Here's a chance to channel that excitement and your cleverness as a fan of the Steelers into some good fun.

EA Sports released a fun tool on their website this week which allows for you to make GIFs for any NFL team in their "Madden Giferator." It's pretty easy, takes less than a minute and can be a great remedy for your procrastination in doing something of importance.  You pick a team, then you're given a selection of players from that team to choose from who are performing some animation from Madden. You can then pair that player's animation with an assortment of optional backgrounds and add up to 40 characters of text to complete the GIF.

That being said, we here at BTSC have our own ideas for GIFs involving our beloved Steelers, but we're sure you can do better; so we're announcing a contest to see which readers can come up with the best Steeler GIFs. Think of it as a caption contest but using GIFs instead of stills.

Here's one Coolong did in preparation for Sunday's game against Cleveland.


You must tweet your GIF from the Madden Giferator to @btsteelcurtain, or post it in the comments of this article before Monday night at 7 p.m. ET.  Be sure to identify yourself by your BTSC profile name in your tweet so we can give you credit.  The five best GIFs from what's tweeted to us will be featured in an article on Tuesday morning that will include a poll for BTSC readers to vote on which is the best. That article/poll will be open for voting until Wednesday 8 p.m. ET, and the final tally of votes in the poll will determine the winner.

The winners will be announced leading up to Pittsburgh's Week 2 game against the Baltimore Ravens, and will be prominently displayed as the Master of All GIFs. We really don't have anything to give you outside that, but it'll be fun anyway.

Here are some examples of what you can do with the giferator:





Be creative! Be clever! And keep it clean!