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Steelers Ike Taylor on Jimmy Kimmel's 'Mean Tweets'

The Steelers cornerback pokes some fun at himself by reading a Tweet about him on ABC's late night talk show.

Julian Finney

It's easy to pull a "it's funny because it's true" shot here, but it's funny, regardless.

Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live's "Mean Tweets" bit, Steelers cornerback Ike Taylor helped poke a little fun at himself, reading a tweet from popular Tweeter @EvilMikeTomlin (his name was partially blurred out in the segment), "Ike Taylor once caught a jk"

It's at about 1:26 of the YouTube clip above.

There were funnier ones in there, including Baltimore's Terrell Suggs (1:15), who shares with the audience a descriptive Tweet an opinion of his physical appearance.

The one on Michael Strahan is probably the best (:50), and I'm sure there are several different segment-worthy Tweets out there on this subject. The one on Ike is about as old a narrative as there is in Steeler Nation, but it remains one of the most tried and true.

The picture accompanying this post looks like an interception, right? Nope. He dropped it.