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Antonio Brown boots Browns punter in the head

He received an unnecessary roughness penalty on the play, and if he's fined, it'll be the second Steelers player to get fined for hitting a punter in the team's last four games.

In case Dan Fouts didn't show this enough during the broadcast, here it is again.

Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown made a few great moves on a punt return, and if he could have only leaped over the head of the Browns punter (or just cut back to his left), he would have scored.

Instead, he was given a 15-yard penalty for unnecessary roughness (apparently it's specifically stated in the rule book a player's foot cannot strike the head of a player if he attempts to leap over a tackler...oh wait). That only set up the best run of Le'Veon Bell's young career as the Steelers put the screws to the Browns in a dominating first half in Week 1.

Pittsburgh scored three touchdowns and got a Shaun Suisham field goal en route to a 24-3 halftime lead. Cleveland was maybe only slightly better than they were in Pittsburgh's 20-6 win in Week 17 last year, but even that's a stretch.