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Video of Ray Rice hitting his fiance released

It's disgusting and the NFL's PR nightmare over the situation has gotten worse.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

It's brutal. Savage. I'm not sure how else to describe it, but it's certainly calling the NFL into question regarding how something like this merits a two-game suspension.

Far less triggers much harsher punishments, and while we're not inclined to go after this topic again, since we ran the first video, it seems only fair we run the rest of it as well.

The anger subsides and overhanging it is the sobering reality this kind of thing happens way too often. I'm all for a man owning up to his mistakes and giving him a chance to make amends, but the real failure here is on the celebration of Ray Rice's past acts of kindness and generosity. The fact the league suggests that played a part in what can only be described as a light sentence is abhorrent, and the fact the league did an about-face immediately following the suspension, announcing extremely tough punishments on such acts - bowing to public pressure for the league to do the right thing - only makes a horrible situation worse.

This is disgusting and I hated writing this. I'm hoping we can move on, but I'm not sure the NFL can be viewed in the same way anymore.